Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pebbles and Tyke

I am starting this blog to share the wonderful life of being an English Bulldog Owner.

My husband Eddie and I purchased Tyke from a breeder in Victorville www.gootsbulldogs.com .
The moment I saw Tyke I fell in love, it took Eddie a little bit longer or so he pretended.

Tyke has been a joy since the day we brought him home. Who ever said they are lazy and coach potatoes, well that is not the case for Tyke he loves to play and get into whatever is in his reach.

At Christmas time last year 09, we got an addition to our little family another bulldog Pebbles. She is so much different than Tyke. Currently Pebbles is 31/2 months and Tyke is 101/2 months. I have attached a picture for everyone to see.

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Tyke and Pebbles

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